Strategies for a Successful Open House

Attending an open house can be an exciting diversion from the day-to-day chores of a home buyer. Little do home buyers know of the preparation it took to influence their arrival. If you are looking to sell your home this season and don’t know what makes an open house stand out, J.Christopher Real Estate Group would like to share some tips that will make your home shine.

“An open house is the perfect opportunity to sell the merits of a property and have buyers fall in love with your home,” said Jarrod C. Lewis, owner of J.Christopher Real Estate Group. “One way realtors know they can improve the success of an open house is when the property in question receives plenty of traffic, but few leads.”

Some of the reasons potential buyers will leave an open house quickly include the home’s price and outward appearance. By working with a J.Christopher Real Estate agent, home sellers can close those disadvantages and sell their home fast and for a fair value. Lewis said home sellers can be active participants in the sale of their home by understanding a few basic strategies when it comes to organizing an open house.

Here are some tips that can help home sellers make the most of their open house:

Provide stunning photos

It is said that a “picture is worth a thousand words” and home sellers can use photos to their advantage when inviting buyers to their open house. With the help of a J.Christopher Real Estate agent, sellers can hook potential buyers with photos of brightly lit rooms that show plenty of open space.

Avoid crowding your home

In preparation of an open house, home sellers should make arrangements to park their cars somewhere else. Besides creating an idea of what the home looks like when vacant, buyers can get a better sense of how their vehicles will fit in the driveway.

Remove unnatural odors

Home sellers should make an attempt to remove the fragrances of cologne, air fresheners, and other synthetic odors. While it is unlikely to cause buyers an allergic reaction, they may not have the same preferences as you and might associate your home with those fragrances when it’s time to make a decision.

Present documentation

Statistics about the home that highlight its strengths should be readily available for visitors. Besides containing essential information such as square footage, the number of rooms, and photos, the documents can help buyers recall details about your home.

Open the blinds

One of the most requested features buyers have for a home is having plenty of natural light. Sellers can take advantage of that request by opening all the blinds, drapes and window coverings.

Let the potential buyer explore uninterrupted

Once guests have made formal introductions, realtors understand the importance of letting buyers explore the home without being hovered over. For this very reason, we encourage sellers and families not to be present during the tours. Arrangements should also be made for pets.

There is more than one way to make an open house enjoyable for potential buyers and a success for sellers. With the help of a J. Christopher Real Estate agent, sellers can relax knowing the proper steps are being taken to sell their home quickly and at a fair value. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, speak with one of our agents at 401-830-6906 to learn how we can help you.