The Most Satisfied Homebuyers Prioritize These Factors

Choosing the best home for your family is like deciding on the best available entrée at a buffet. Homes come in many sizes and colors, and it could be a challenge for anyone to definitively say what they want in their dream home. As we begin the new year, J.Christopher Real Estate Group would like to help prospective homebuyers nail down the most essential factors to look for when buying a home.

“The vast number of home choices nearly guarantees that there is a home out there that is to your liking. It could be the bungalow-style home in the city or the ranch-style property in the state’s suburbs, but homebuyers quickly learn that beautiful homes are available if you look hard enough,” said Jarrod C. Lewis, owner of J.Christopher Real Estate Group.

A widely-read DIY article listed more than 26 popular architectural home styles that are available across America, and combined with specific home features like square footage, there are endless possibilities to selecting the best home. To help new homebuyers make sense of the most important home characteristics, here is a checklist that we have compiled:


Most realtors will agree that location is the most important factor to consider when buying a home. Homebuyers will enjoy returning home from work every day if they are returning to a neighborhood they know and love.

Schools in the Area

Families with kids will find that you cannot put a price on a good public school system, which is why it is important to list this as a factor. Since families have limited choices on where to send their kids to school, it is important to consider the schools that surround the home you’ve been eying.

Interior Square Footage, and Lot Size

No matter how many renovations you make to a home, the amount of actual space available at a home is unlikely to change. Given this reason, homebuyers should consider how much space they need to live comfortably and whether a large lot size is necessary for their family.

Layout Preference

Although home layouts can be changed sometimes, it is usually at a high cost. Families will be better off choosing a home with a layout they like so they can focus on other pressing priorities.

Home Style

Like any other factor on this list, a home style is not something that can be changed in the future. Homebuyers should work with an agent from J.Christopher Real Estate Group early in the home buying process to identify home styles that appeal to your family. This will help ensure that you are happy with your home purchase for many years to come.

J.Christopher Real Estate Group has helped countless families find homes that fit their needs and budget. If you are considering a home purchase soon and don’t know where to start, speak with one of our agents at 401.830.6906 to start scheduling home tours today.