Visible warning signs that could spell trouble for home buyers

Buying a home in some ways is like buying a used car. Most consumers should take the time to inspect a vehicle for dings and dents, pay attention to a car’s sounds, and should look at the vehicles’ history report before making a decision. That’s where the similarities end because, unlike a car, homes typically build equity for their homeowner and it is something that can be passed down for future generations. As more people jump into the real estate market in search of their dream home, J.Christopher Real Estate Group would like to share some warning signs all home buyers should be wary of when they are touring potential properties.

“Emotions can run high for families that believe they found their dream home,” said Jarrod C. Lewis, owner of J.Christopher Real Estate Group. “While we are thrilled when we help home buyers pinpoint a home they really want, we feel it is important to mention red flags when we notice them.”

Identifying issues that can be a problem down the line serves two purposes, according to Lewis. One reason is that it can help realtors at the negotiating table. Another reason is because it can help home buyers know some of the costs they may be responsible for if they decide to proceed with the transaction.

Here are some warning signs buyers should be mindful of when purchasing a home:

Renovations are questionable

Home buyers that are impressed by kitchen, bathroom, and living room renovations should be able to see a paper trail of those updates. While it is not necessary to have a home up to city code to sell it in the market, certain code violations can be dangerous and costly to fix in the future.

Areas in the home smell strange

Typically, areas in the home that have experienced a flood will have a musty smell. Ask about the property’s history with floods and whether those issues have been resolved. Sometimes, fixing the issue could be as simple as sealing the foundation.

Some light switches don’t work

Upon entering a home, buyers might turn on a switch and no light turns on. The issue can be expensive to fix if something in the electrical box is to blame. Home buyers can narrow down the problem by checking every light switch and, if possible, asking to turn on multiple appliances at the same time.

Home touch ups are not consistent

Home sellers like to make their home more appealing by applying a fresh coat of paint when putting their home up on the market. The updates can be concerning if only specific sections of the home were painted, potentially hiding a cosmetic problem.

The neighborhood has for sale signs everywhere

Neighborhoods are important to consider because they have an impact on your home’s value. If a small detour shows you that several homes in the neighborhood are for sale or stores are going out of business, home buyers may want to consider buying a home elsewhere.

A look at the foundation can tell you a lot

A crack in the foundation may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a symptom of larger problems that could extend throughout the home years later.

While many of these issues can be immediately apparent, sometimes these signs are not easy to spot. In order to help home buyers remain completely satisfied with their purchase in the years to come, J.Christopher Real Estate Group encourages all home buyers to have a professional inspection performed. If you see a listing that has caught your attention, call us at 401-830-6906 to speak with one of our agents today.